Parisian Cake

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Ingredients:—Two pounds of flour, twenty ounces of butter, six ounces of sugar, eight whole eggs and eight yolks, one pint of single cream, eight ounces of Jordan almonds, and two ounces of bitter ditto, eight ounces of pistachio kernels, four ounces of candied orange-peel, half an ounce of salt, one and a half ounce of yeast.

First, let the pistachio kernels be scalded; remove the hulls; split each kernel into four strips, and place these aside in a small basin. The candied orange-peel must then be shred into small thin narrow strips, and put with the pistachios. Next, remove the hulls from the almonds, wash and pound them into a very soft paste (adding a few drops of water to prevent them from becoming oily); then mix them with the cream, and after they have been steeped for half an hour, let the whole be rubbed through a tammy, the same as a puree, and kept in a very cool place until wanted for use. For mixing this cake, follow in all respects the directions given for the German kouglauffe, No. 740, adding the pistachios and orange-peel after lining the mould with the plain paste; the yeast must be dissolved in a little tepid water, and the almonds and cream added cold. It should be baked nearly of the same colour as a Savoy cake.

Note.—It is necessary to put all these cakes back in the oven for two or three minutes, after they are turned out of the mould, to prevent them from becoming shrivelled on the surface, or from otherwise shrinking and falling in, which is unavoidably the case when any steam has collected upon them.

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