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Prepare two dozen petits-choux, as directed in the first part of the foregoing article; when they are baked, and have become cold, cut a circular piece from the top of each about the size of a shilling; then fill them with some custard prepared as follows:—put the yolks of four eggs into a small stewpan, with two ounces of pounded sugar, a good tablespoonful of flour, two ounces of grated chocolate, and a very little salt; mix these well together with half a pint of cream, add a small pat of butter; then stir the whole over the stove-fire, and allow it to boil for about ten minutes. This custard should now be passed through a tammy (with pressure) into a basin, and when it has become cold, three table-spoonfuls of whipped cream should be added; then serve. The custard may also be flavoured with either lemon, orange, vanilla, orange-flower, or any kind of liqueur, in which case chocolate must be omitted.

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