Mecca Loaves

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The paste of these is prepared as in the foregoing cases, with the addition, however, of a few spoonfuls of whipped cream, which must only be incorporated just previously to the loaves being laid out on the baking-sheet, in the following manner:—take a tablespoon, and fill it half full from the stewpan containing the paste; then dip the point of a knife in some beaten egg, and use it to force the paste from the spoon gently dropping it on the baking-sheet, in the form of gherkins, pointed at the ends and elevated at the centre; fill the baking-sheet with these, placing them about two inches distant from each other, egg them over, shake some fine-chopped loaf-sugar (about the size of small hail-stones) over them, then shake some sifted sugar over them, and put them in the oven (at very moderate heat) to bake of a bright-yellow colour.

When the Mecca loaves are done, allow them to become cold; then after they have been dished up in double circular rows, fill the well or centre with some whipped cream, seasoned with a little sugar, and a small glass of liqueur, and serve.

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