Queen Cakes

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First, prepare eight yolks of eggs of nouilles-paste (No. 954), roll this out as thin as paper; cut it into bands, and shred these extremely fine; after the nouilles have been allowed to dry upon a sieve for a short time, put them into a convenient-sized stewpan, with a pint of boiling cream, two pats of butter, six ounces of sugar, and a glass of brandy; set them to boil very gently, over a slow stove-fire (covered with the lid), and. when the cream has been absorbed by the nouilles, withdraw them; add the yolks of six eggs, and stir the whole well together; then place this preparation upon two baking-sheets (spread with butter), in layers about the eighth part of an inch thick, and bake them of a deep-yellow colour. When done, spread one of them with apricot jam; cover this over with the other, and then stamp the cakes out with a circular tin cutter in the form of half-moons; dish these up in circular rows, so as to form a cone, and serve.

These cakes may also be garnished with any other kind of preserve, or even with pastry-custard (No. 790); they may be cut out in either oblong, circular, oval, leaf-like, or diamond shapes. In order to vary their appearance, their surface should be first lighty spread with a little meringue-paste (No. 766), and then strewn with chopped or shred pistachios, granite sugar, or small pink, or white comfits.

No. 764