Suisse Lecrelets

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Ingredients:?—Eight ounces of honey, four ounces of sweet-almonds blanched and shred, half an ounce of cinnamon-powder, a quarter of an ounce of ground cloves, half a nutmeg grated, six ounces of pounded sugar, half an ounce of carbonate of potash, six ounces of candied-orange, lemon, and citron, a wineglassful of Kirschen-wasser, ditto of orange-flower water, the grated rind of two lemons, and one pound of flour, including the quantity required to manipulate the paste on the slab.

Put the honey in a copper egg-bowl on the stove-fire, and when it is melted, skim off the froth, and immediately add the shred almonds, the ground spices, and the grated lemon-peel; mix these well together with a wooden spoon, and then add the sugar, the Kirschen-wasser, the orange-flower water, and the candied-peels ready shred for the purpose; and after having mixed in these, then add the carbonate of potash dissolved in a tablespoonful of water, and also fourteen ounces of flour, leaving the remainder for manipulating the paste on the slab. This paste must now be gently stirred over the fire for three or four minutes, and then placed in a covered pan in a cool place for three days previously to its being used. The further process is as follows:—Cut the Lecrelet-paste into four equal parts; and after having first strewn the slab with some of the flour reserved for the purpose, roll out each of the four pieces to about the eighth part of an inch thick. These squares must each be placed on baking-sheets previously buttered and floured for the purpose, and after being deeply marked out, or cut into small oblong squares, must be rubbed over with a paste-brush dipped in water to remove the flour from the surface. Next, bake the Lecrelets in a rather slack oven, of a light colour; and when they are about three parts done, let them be nearly cut through into shape; and immediately they have been brushed over with some thin white icing, replace them in the oven to finish being baked. When the Lecrelets have been withdrawn from the oven a sufficient time to have become cold, break them up, as marked out, and put them away in a tin box in a dry place. These cakes are well adapted for dessert or luncheon, and are a pleasant adjunct for the supper-tray.

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