Chocolate Glace

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The foundation of these may be made either of poundcake, Genoese, or Savoy cake; the batter for making either of the foregoing may be first baked in a baking-sheet, and afterwards cut out in shapes and sizes to suit taste or convenience; or otherwise may be baked in appropriate moulds or cases for the purpose; they must then be dipped in the following preparation:—first boil the sugar as directed in the foregoing article, and when it has reached its proper degree, add six ounces of chocolate dissolved with a wineglassful of water; work the whole well together, and use .it while hot; but if it should become cold, and set before the operation is terminated, the preparation may be easily liquified by stirring it over the fire.

Cakes, both large and small, may be glaces or glazed in this manner in almost infinite variety, by using any kind of liqueur, or a very strong infusion of tea or coffee, instead of the chocolate here recommended.

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