Bread-and-Butter Pastry

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Give six turns to half a pound of puff-paste, and roll it out to the thickness of a quarter of an inch; cut this into bands about three inches wide; then cut these again into strips rather better than a quarter of an inch wide, and place them (on the cut side) on a baking-sheet in rows about two inches apart, so as to allow them sufficient room to spread out. Bake these strips of paste in a rather sharp oven; and just before they are done, glaze them—that is, shake some fine sugar over, and then salamander them. About two dozen of these are required for a dish; they must be spread with some kind of preserve, and stuck together in pairs, to imitate bread-and-butter. Dish them up on a napkin, piled up in several circular rows, in a pyramid.

This kind of pastry may also be dished up with some stiffly-whipped cream, seasoned with a glass of liqueur in the centre.

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