Rings or Wreaths

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Give eight turns to half a pound of puff-paste, and roll this out to the sixth part of an inch in thickness; then stamp out twenty circular pieces with a fluted tin cutter, about one inch and three-quarters in diameter, and stamp out the centre of these with a plain circular cutter, about three-quarters of an inch in diameter; next place the rings on a wet baking-sheet; shake some fine sugar over them, and bake them of a very light colour (at very-moderate heat). When they are done, decorate them with some whipped white of egg and sugar, over which strew some coarse sugar; put them to dry in a screen; and then finish decorating them, by placing or inserting gome strips of currant or apple jelly between the folds or aots of the decoration.

Note.—Puff-paste turned or folded eight times, then rolled out to the thickness of the sixth part of an inch, and stamped out with appropriate fancy-shaped tin cutters— either in the form of crescents, leaves, trefoil, or shamrock, stars, &c, and after being baked as directed in the foregoing case, may also be decorated in the same manner: a cornet of paper should be used for this purpose.

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