Conde Cakes

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Chop six ounces of Jordan almonds as fine as possible; mix them with four ounces of sifted sugar, some grated rind of lemon, and the white of an egg: the whole should present the appearance of a rather firm paste. Next, make half a pound of puff-paste, to which give eight turns or foldings, and roll this out to the thickness of the eighth part of an inch; then with a tin cutter, of an oval, circular, crescent, diamond, or any other fancy shape, stamp out about eighteen Condes, and place them on a baking-sheet, previously wetted over with a paste-brush to receive them. Spread a coating of the prepared chopped almonds on the surface of each; shake some fine sugar over them with the dredger, and bake them of a very light-fawn colour.

No. 788