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Ingredients:—One ounce of flour, two ounces of pounded-sugar, one ounce of ratafias, three gills of cream, one whole egg, and six yolks, one ounce of candied orange-flowers, a small pat of butter, and a very little salt, half a pound of trimmings of puff-paste. Place the sugar, the flour, the bruised ratafias, and the eggs in a spouted basin; work the whole well together, and then add the cream, a very little salt, and a tablespoonful of orange-flower water, and mix these in with the batter. Line a dozen dariole-moulds with some trimmings of puff-paste; place these on a baking-sheet; put a very small piece of butter at the bottom of each dariole, and then after stirring the batter well together, pour it into the moulds; strew the candied-flowers on the top of each, and set them in the oven (at moderate heat) to bake. When done, the darioles should be slightly raised in the centre and of a light colour; take them out of the moulds, without breaking them; shake some finely-sifted sugar over them, and serve them hot.

Darioles may also be flavoured with vanilla, lemon, orange, coffee, or chocolate.

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