German Fritters

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As a matter of economy and convenience, it is customary to serve these fritters only when you have had occasion to prepare brioche-paste for other purposes; in which case, about twelve ounces of the paste should be kept in reserve, and used as follows:— Roll out the paste to the thickness of a penny-piece; moisten this slightly with a paste-brush dipped in water; place small balls of preserve upon this, at distances of two inches from each other; cover over with some of the same paste rolled out thin, similarly to the first piece; with the edge of the thumb press down all round each lump of preserve; stamp .those out with a round tin cutter, and as you do so, place them in rows on sheets of buttered paper upon a baking-sheet, and fry them in hot frying fat, of a light colour; when done, dish them on a napkin; dredge them over with cinnamon pounded with sugar, and serve.

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