Strawberry Jelly

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First, bruise half a pound of red currants in a basin with a gill of spring-water; add two pottles of scarlet strawberries; pour a pint of hot syrup, No. 842, to these; cover the basin with a plate, and allow the infusion to stand in a cool place for a couple of hours, and then strain it through a jelly-bag into a basin; add two ounces of isinglass, or gelatine, and finish this jelly by garnishing the mould with large strawberries in the manner indicated for pine-apple jelly.

Note.—Strawberry jelly, as well as currant jelly, are used as an excellent foundation for making peach, nectarine, and all kinds of fruit jellies. Jellies prepared with fruit juices are cooling, as well as refreshing,— and will prove more agreeable to ladies in summer than when prepared with wine or liqueurs.

No. 846