Iced Souffle

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Prepare fourteen yolks of eggs, three gills of strong syrup 32 degrees strength, and a gill of maraschino; pour some hot water into a copper egg-bowl to warm it, and having thrown it out, wipe the bowl dry; then pour in the syrup and liqueur, and a pinch of salt, and lastly the yolks; whisk the composition over a low fire covered with ashes, until it presents the appearance of Savoy cake batter; it must then be removed, from the fire, and continuously whisked until nearly cold.

While the foregoing part of the operation is going on, get ready a souffle-dish (see Angell's Illustrations), or else a paper-case of similar dimensions, closely surrounded with a band of paper rising two inches above the lining of the souffle-dish or paper-case, and fastened with gum or pins; pour the ready-prepared scuma or souffle composition into this, to the extent of two inches above the edge of the dish itself: the souffle-dish must be ready set in one of Adams' Freezing Caves (see Adams' Illustrations), and as soon as it is filled, and the cave covered over, bury the whole in ice mixed with salt and saltpetre; about two hours' freezing will be sufficient. When about to send to table, strew some light-brown biscuit powder on the surface of the souffle, remove the band of paper which runs round it, and dish up on a napkin.

These souffles may be flavoured with all kinds of liqueurs, and also with coffee, chocolate, orange-flower water, vanilla, &c.

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