Iceland Moss Jelly

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Wash four ounces of Iceland moss in some warm water, strain off the water, and put the moss on to boil in a quart of water, stirring it on the fire until it boils; it must then be removed to the side, covered over, and allowed to simmer gently for an hour; then add four ounces of sugar, a gill of sherry, the juice of two lemons, the peel of half a lemon, and a white of egg whisked with half a gill of cold water; stir the jelly on the fire until it boils, and pour it into a flannel jellybag; when passed tolerably clear, it may be taken warm, in which state it is most beneficial, or it may be eaten cold like any other jelly.

It is necessary to add, that washing the moss deprives it of its tonic powers; and it is therefore recommended to put up with the bitter taste for the sake of its benefit. Iceland moss is very generally used on the Continent in the treatment of consumption; it is most active in the cure of severe coughs, and all phlegmatic diseases of the chest.

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