Beef Recipes

What's You're Beef

Meat is the mainstay of any meal, and beef is one of the favourites. Your meal and your food budget revolve around your choice of meat. Are you feeling frustrated trying to plan nutritious, interesting meals that won't break the budget? You can rest easy knowing that the beef recipes in this section will provide delicious beef entrees that are dear to your heart.

In days gone by, families were concerned that their beef supply would run low and had to engage in a game of "catch as catch can" by depending on a rifle, trap, snare or pitfall to supply the mainstay of their meals. Things have changed dramatically today, with fresh or frozen beef of all types available at meat markets or supermarkets, although some people still raise and butcher their own beef and store it in their home freezer.

The many ways beef can be cooked is as varied as the cuts of beef available. It can be roasted, broiled, fried, braised, pan-broiled or cooked in liquid. The proper method of cooking for each different cut of beef depends on its size, tenderness and thickness. Following the cooking instructions in beef recipes will ensure that your beef will add an element of excellence to your meal.

A variety of accompaniments can enhance the taste and texture of beef. Pasta, vegetables, casseroles and fruits are just a few of the unlimited number of side dishes that may be served with beef. A time-honoured accompaniment is Yorkshire Pudding, which is not really like a pudding, but is more like a type of bread that cooks alongside the beef roasting in the oven.

Beef Wellington Recipe

The heady aroma of beef fillet, puff pastry and liver pate is enticing and says, "something special is cooking." Elegant enough for guests but simple enough for a family meal, Beef Wellington is a classic redefined for today's simplicity and style. The pieces of tender beef served with a side dish of potatoes or other vegetables make this recipe an all-time favourite.

Beef - it's what's for dinner.