Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes Provide Relaxation Before, During and After A Meal

What could be better than a steaming cup of coffee or other hot drink to warm you up, to wake you up, to cheer you up or to share with a loved one? On the other hand, nothing beats a glass of ice-cold lemonade or other cold beverage to cool you off, quench your thirst, or simply to relax with in the shade. Whatever the season and whatever your choice, the perfect drink recipe can be found to please the most discriminating palate.

There are some drink recipes you never outgrow - a special milkshake for a little one, a mocha cooler for a tired worker, or an after-school ice cream soda for a child. A lot can be said with a simple offering of something in a cup or glass, such as "Welcome - I'm glad to see you."

Punches and other fruit drinks are great for cooling down a crowd, especially when they are served in chilled, frosty glasses. Add an ice ring made from water or fruit juice to the fruit bowl and immediately transform the plain to the elegant. Weddings are the perfect background for serving punch from a fine silver or crystal punchbowl with matching cups. Spirits or sherbet may be added to the punchbowl for an additional touch of class. Recipes for punch and fruit drinks are numerous - take your choice.

Appetizer beverages are popular at parties and home gatherings. Mixed from basic ingredients of tomato juice, orange juice, vegetable juice or clam juice, these delightful drinks do double duty as both a casual before dinner drink or at the table as a first course. They can be served with or without alcohol according to individual preferences, and the drink recipes are easy to prepare.

Martini Recipe

Nothing says "welcome" like a cocktail served in beautiful glassware, and a Martini is the perfect way to entertain your guests while they wait for dinner to be served. A Martini projects the image of being an extra-special before or after dinner drink, and this reputation is well deserved. This classic cocktail has been served to discriminating people world-wide and shows no sign of falling from favour.