Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes To Crow About

From a spectacular, crowd pleasing party Paella to a classic platter of steaming fried chicken, the versatility of chicken as an appetizer or main dish is unparalleled by any other kind of meat. There has been a surge in requests for chicken recipes over the past few years because of its low-fat, low cholesterol characteristics. It has been praised as one of the healthiest meats available.

For your next family dinner, why not prepare an easy, low-cost meal that is certain to please every member of the family, such as a fricassee or chicken and dumplings? Both dishes use a minimum of ingredients and take very little time to prepare.

Sunday dinners are usually a little more elegant and special, especially when guests are expected. A breast of chicken on a bed of rice is simple yet can be served elegantly on your finest china. Your guests will love its taste and will want your recipe. If you're the type of person who likes to cook once and have enough left for another meal, try a recipe for chicken potluck pie made from leftover chicken paired with various kinds of vegetables in a flaky crust. You can go casual with a serve-yourself buffet that your family and guests will appreciate.

The heady aroma of chicken frying in a skillet brings back memories of bygone days when fried chicken was only for Sunday dinner. With new ways to season the chicken and the development of non-stick cookware, fried chicken has once again come to the forefront as one of the most requested meals ever. With its delicately seasoned coating of flour or breadcrumbs or other ingredients, and fried to a crispy golden color.

Chicken Marsala.

A delicate, unusual flavor describes Chicken Marsala, with chicken and a unique blending of yogurt, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, lime and tumeric. This special combination lends an aura of sophistication to your table that is sure to impress guests and family alike. Chicken Marsala deserves some outstanding side dishes, so be sure to provide dishes that will complement the delicate flavour.

Chicken recipes are always a good choice for holiday dinners. It can be roasted and filled with a savory stuffing made with white bread or Southern-style cornbread. Serve the chicken and stuffing with gravy and vegetable side dishes, and your reputation as a fine cook will be established.

There is an almost limitless array of chicken recipes of every kind to choose from, so go ahead, experiment you can't go wrong with chicken.