Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes

The anticipation of a dessert grows with each passing moment during the meal, and your family and guests won't be disappointed. Dessert is your chance to unleash your creativity and go dramatic, to be daring and show how much you care. It's your opportunity, even when it's just the family, to add an extra dash of love into the meal.

An array of dessert recipes awaits you, from cakes to cobblers to crepes to souffl�s and meringues. Desserts may be baked, frozen, stirred together or for a simple, elegant touch you may want to serve fruit with a variety of accompaniments such as a delicate cheese or with a luscious caramel sauce. Whatever you decide to prepare, your diners will revel in your love and caring as they finish their meal with a specially prepared dessert.

Dessert Recipes from Francatelli

Cabinet Pudding
German Pudding
Victoria Cake
Baba or Polish Cake
German Kouglauffe
Parisian Cake
More cakes, pastry & Puddings

Dessert recipes featuring fruits are an especially good choice because of their nutritional value and low fat and calorie content. Grapes and pineapple, for example, are favorites of almost everyone and can be served with brown sugar and sour cream for an elegant touch to a dinner party. It is the perfect do-ahead dessert that gives you more time to spend with your guests.

Cobblers and crisps are fruity, crunchy and crispy. Just thinking about these delectable desserts are enough to make you hungry. If you're pressed for time you can use a ready-made pie shell for the top and bottom, fill it with fruit and flavourings, bake and dessert is ready.

Don't be intimidated when it comes to making crepes and souffl�s for dessert. A carefully tested dessert recipe means no failures; if you can read, you can make these impressive desserts. Many people who shy away from traditional souffl�s are sure to enjoy a lovingly prepared dessert souffl�.

Peach Melba Recipe

Some things just seem to go together, and peaches, vanilla ice cream and raspberries are no exception. Those who know and love refreshing fruit and ice cream need no explanation or urging to partake of this luscious dessert. Those who are unaware will be pleasantly surprised at this wondrous, flavour-filled concoction that looks as good as it tastes.

Many excellent dessert recipes are waiting for you - the choice is yours.