Bills of Fare for April french

Dinner for 6 or 8 Persons [a]

Crayfish soup.
Spey trout, parsley sauce.

2 Removes.
Boiled fowls, oyster sauce.
Glazed tongue a la jardiniere.

2 Entrees.
Lamb cutlets, asparagus peas.
Boudins of rabbits a la Reine.

2 Roasts.
Lobster salad.
Green goose.

4 Entremets.
Orange fritters.
Wine jelly.
Tapioca pudding.
Potatoes a la Lyonnaise.

Dinner for 6 or 8 Persons [b]

Spring soup.
Brill with lobster sauce.

1 Remove.
Braized beef a la Napolitaine.

2 Entrees.
Fricot of fowl, poivrade sauce.
Mutton cutlets a la Soubise.

Roast Guinea fowl.

4 Entremets.
Spinach with cream.
Lemon jelly in quarters.
D'Artois pastry.