Bills of Fare for May french

Dinner for 14 or 16 Persons

Green puree of asparagus soup .
Consomme a la D'Esclignac.

2 Fishes .
John Dory, Dutch sauce.
Red mullets with fine-herbs.

2 Removes.
Calf's head a la tortue.
SPring chickens and tongue a la printaniere.

4 Entrees.
Kromeskys of sweetbread a la Russe.
Lamb cutlets a la Duchess.
Salmis of quails with truffles.
Fillets of fowls a la Regence.

2 Roasts.
Turkey poults.

2 Removes.
Iced pudding a la Nesselrode.
Small ramequins in cases.

6 Entremets.
Aspic of plovers' eggs.
Strawberry jelly.
Vanilla ice cream.
Gooseberry tartlets.
Nougat of almonds a la Chantilly.