Bills of Fare for June french

Dinner for 12 Persons

Puree of green pea soup.

2 Fishes .
Stewed sturgeon, matelote sauce.
Fillets of mackerel a la maitre-d'hotel.

2 Removes.
Roast forequarter of lamb.
Spring chickens a la Montmorency.

4 Entrees.
Fillets of duckling with green peas.
Mutton cutlets a la Wyndham.
Blanquette of fowl with cucumbers.
Timbale of macaroni a la Milanaise.

2 Roasts.

2 Removes.
Flemish gauffres.
Iced souffle.

6 Entremets.
French beans dressed.
Mayonnaise of fowl.
Peas a la Francaise.
Peach jelly with noyeau.
Love's Wells glaces with chocolate.
Flanc of apricots and rice.