Bills of Fare for August french

Dinner for 8 to 10 Persons [a]

Clear vermicelli soup.
Salmon grilled a la Tartare.

2 Removes.
Roast leg of lamb.
Fowl a la financiere.

3 Entrees.
Croquettes of fowl.
Fillets of beef sautes a la Chateaubriand.
Compote of pigeons with peas, &c.

Roast grouse.
German salad.

4 Entremets.
Compiegne cake with apricot.
Peaches and rice.
Pine-apple jelly.
Artichokes a la Lyonnaise.

Dinner for 8 to 10 Persons [b]

Le potage a la Marcus Hill.
Les truites a la Provencale.

2 Removes.
Roast neck of venison.
Grouse pie a l'Anglaise.

3 Entrees.
Mutton cutlets with cauliflowers.
Fowls sautes a la Marengo
Tendons of veal with stewed peas.

Roast capon.
Aspic of prawns.

4 Entremets.
Apricot fritters.
Italian cream.
Filbert tartlets.
French beans dressed.