Bills of Fare for September french

Dinner for 12 Persons

Grouse soup.
Salmon souchet.

2 Removes.
Chicken pie a l'Anglaise.
Roast sirloin of beef.

4 Entrees.
Veal cutlets larded a la Regence.
Braized partridges with cabbage, &c.
Quenelles of fowl a l'Estragon.
Civet of leveret a la Bordelaise

2 Roasts

1 Remove.
Coffee souffle.

4 Entremets.
Artichokes a la Barigoule.
Damson cheese a la Chantilly.
Vol-au-vent of greengages.
Profitrolles with chocolate.

Dinner for 6 Persons

Soup a la bonne femme.
Fillets of soles a la ravigote.

1 Remove.
Roast saddle of mutton.

2 Entrees.
Salmis of grouse.
Sweetbreads larded, with spinach.

Roast hare.
Italian salad.

4 Entremets.
Tomatas au gratin.
Flanc of pears and rice.
Punch jelly.
Damson tart.