Fish Pie a la Ste Teresa

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For this purpose it is necessary to prepare some forcemeat of whiting or haddock, No. 186. Line a plain oblong tin mould with short-paste, No. 756; spread a layer of forcemeat at the bottom, about an inch thick; cover this with a slice of salmon and fillets of anchovies; season with chopped parsley and spring-onions, and a little pepper and salt; repeat the forcemeat, salmon, and seasoning until the pie is filled; it must then be covered with paste, ornamented, egged over, and baked for about an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half, according to its size and contents. Any of the following sauces may be served separately in a sauce-boat:—maitre-d'hotel, Italian, ravigotte, Bechamel, Allemande, or Normande.

No. 514