Chartreuse of Partridges

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Boil four red carrots, as many turnips, these not overdone, and have also ready some plain-boiled passed * and dry-pressed spinach: line a plain round, or oval mould with buttered paper; Cut out the carrots, turnips, and the pressed spinach in appropriate fancy ornamental shapes, calculated when put together to form the intended design on the bottom and sides of the mould, as represented in the woodcut.

Chatreuse of Partridges

Fit in a wall composed of pressed braized cabbage, and fill the centre left hollow for the purpose with members of the partridge which has been braized with the cabbage, and a very little salmis sauce; steam the chartreuse to make it hot, turn it out on its dish, pour some salmis sauce round the base, and serve.

Note.—For the preparation of the partridge, see Braized Pheasants, No. 482.

* Passed through a sieve

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