Woodcocks a la Chasseur

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Truss and roast the woodcocks before a brisk fire for about fifteen minutes, and then take them up on the dish; cut up the birds in the usual manner, by making two fillets with the pinions left on, two legs, the breast, and the back; the skin must be left on, and the members should be but slightly trimmed. Remove the gizzards from the trail (which consists of the whole of the inside of the woodcocks), and put it in a mortar with a small pat of butter, a small piece of shalot, pepper and salt; pound altogether; rub it through a sieve on to a plate, and use this to spread on the upper side only of some heart-shaped croutons or pieces of fried bread, and set them aside for use. Put the trimmings in a stewpan with half a pint of wine, four chopped shalots, a small sprig of thyme, an ounce of glaze, a wineglassful of mushroom catsup, and the juice of half a lemon; boil this for ten minutes; strain it on to the pieces of woodcocks; warm them without boiling; dish up; place the croutons round the entree; pour the sauce over it, and serve. The croutons should of course be made hot, by pushing them in the oven for three minutes.

Note.—Snipes are dressed in the same way.

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