Boudins of Grouse a la Stanley

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Prepare some forcemeat with a couple of grouse as directed in No. 185, reserving the carcasses to make some salmis sauce, No. 68. Finish the forcemeat by incorporating therewith two spoonfuls of stiffly-reduced salmis sauce; form the boudins with two tablespoons— introducing small pellets of croquet preparation, No. 315, composed of truffle, tongue, and mushrooms, seasoned with chopped chives; and when the boudina have been poached, drained, and become cold, they are to be masked over with some reduced salmis sauce finished with three yolks of eggs, egged, crumbed, and fried in hot lard; they are then to be dished up with a ragout composed of artichoke bottoms, and the remainder of the salmis sauce is to be poured round the base.

No. 628