Snipes a la Bonne-Bouche

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Roast off four snipes under-done, and set them aside on a dish. Prepare a small quantity of forcemeat, No. 188, using about six ounces of fowls' livers for the purpose; and when ready, roll out one-half of the forcemeat with flour on the table in the form of a thick rope, and twirl this on the bottom of the dish in a complete circle; flatten it all round slightly with the thumb to give it a level surface; and then, after splitting the snipes, and covering the inside part of each with a coating of the forcemeat a quarter of an inch thick, dish them up in a row on the circular border of forcemeat; cover the whole surface with a thin coating of the forcemeat; smooth it over with a knife dipped in hot water; place a round of buttered paper on the top; push the entree in a brisk oven for about twenty-five minutes to bake it, and when done through, absorb any grease which may have oozed out with a napkin; pour some perigueux or truffle sauce over the snipes, and serve.

No. 644