Veal Cutlets a la Maintenon

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These may be cut either from the neck, or from a pound or more of what is termed veal cutlet; the cutlets must be seasoned and fried brown on both sides, and finished with fine-herbs, &c., in exactly the same manner as cutlets a la Vicomtesse, No. 598, with this exception, that instead of bread-crumbing them, they are to be encased in papers, as follows: viz.,—take as many sheets. of writing paper as you have prepared cutlets, and by cutting off the outer angles with scissors, give them something of a heart-shape, remembering that they must be sufficiently large to enfold the cutlets; oil these papers on both sides; place a cutlet masked with a sufficiency of its sauce so as entirely to cover it all over inside the paper, overlapping it with the upper half, and then neatly and tightly fold or rather twist in the edges of the paper in order effectually to prevent the sauce from escaping while the cutlet is being broiled. About a quarter of an hour before sending to table, place the cutlets on a baking-sheet slightly oiled, push them in a rather sharp oven to remain there until their envelopes become lightly browned, and the cutlets are thoroughly warmed; dish them up with fried parsley in the centre, and serve. These cutlets may also be grilled.

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