Apricot Biscuits

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These are prepared in all respects according to directions given in the preceding article, excepting that they should be made smaller, so that they may form a near resemblance to apricots in size and form, apricot jam being used to stick them together; and when so far prepared, are to be dipped in the following preparation:—

To one pound of fine loaf-sugar placed in a sugar, boiler, add half a pint of spring-water; boil these over a brisk stove-fire until the sugar, while boiling, throws up pearl-like bubbles, the degree of boiling required for glazing being ascertained by taking a small quantity of the boiling sugar between the forefinger and thumb (previously dipped in cold water): if the sugar when pressed with the fingers presents the appearance of strong glue, it should then be removed from the fire; and ten minutes afterwards, whatever flavouring is intended to be used, such as liqueurs, strong vanilla, orange or lemon syrups, or infusions, must be in a liquid state, and must be gradually mixed in with tlio-boiled sugar, quickly stirring and working the sugar in the pan the while; when thoroughly mixed, the cakes should be dipped in, and being afterwards placed on a wire-drainer, put in the hot closet for a few minutes to set. The yellow tinge required for the glaces in this case, may be given by using either some orange-sugar or a small decoction of saffron: the latter is objection able, on account of its flavour.

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