Peach Biscuits

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Prepare some batter as directed for Fingers (No. 745), and with this proceed to form some round biscuits (using a biscuit-forcer for that purpose), on a baking-sheet or sheet of paper; if the former, it must be previously buttered and floured. Shake some sugar over the biscuits, and bake them of a very light colour; and when they are done, and removed from the baking-sheet or paper, spread the under parts with some kind of preserved fruit (peach marmalade being most appropriate); stick two of these together, thus forming, as nearly as possible, the shape and size of a peach; these must now be very thinly covered all over with some white icing, which, when dry, must be very slightly brushed over with a soft pencil-brash, dipped in a very small quantity of carmine, thereby giving to the cake merely a tinge of colour similar to that displayed by the ripe peach. These cakes may be served up with whipped cream in the centre of the dish.

No. 774