Victoria Cake

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Ingredients:—Two pounds of flour, twenty ounces of butter, twelve eggs, six ounces of pounded sugar, six ounces of ground almonds, also a few bitter ditto, eight ounces of dried cherries, four ounces of green citron cut up into shreds, half an ounce of cinnamon-powder, half a pint of whipped cream, one and a half ounce of German-yeast, two wineglasses of brandy, and half an ounce of salt.

Mix the above ingredients according to the directions given for the German kouglauffe, except that the yeast must be dissolved in a spoonful of tepid water, and the cream whipped last of all previously to its being added. When the cake is mixed, it should be placed in a tin hoop, measuring about ten inches in diameter by four inches deep; a double sheet of paper, spread with butter, should first be placed on a stout copper baking-sheet, and the hoop, also lined with paper, next placed upon it, ready to receive the mixture. As soon as the fermentation of the paste has taken place in a satisfactory degree, causing it to increase to twice its original quantity, let it be immediately put in the oven (at moderate heat), and baked of alight colour. This kind of cake may be served as a second-course remove; some apricot marmalade diluted with a little lemon-juice, and warmed, should be sent to table with it separately in a sauce-boat; or, if preferred, instead of the apricot, some almond custard, No. 93.

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