Raspberry-Roll Pudding

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First, make a pound of suet-paste in the following, manner;—mix one pound of flour with half a pound of chopped suet, a good pinch of salt, one egg, and nearly half a pint of milk; roll the paste up into a ball, and then roll it out with a rolling-pin in the same manner as you would puff-paste, and give it four turns; this accomplished, roll the paste out square, to the thickness of rather less than a quarter of an inch; spread some raspberry, or any other kind of jam, all over this without allowing it to reach the edges of the paste; and then proceed to roll it up, so as to fold the jam inside; wet the ends of the pudding, press them securely together, spread out a cloth on the table, grease it with butter, strew some flour over this, place the pudding at the edge of the cloth fronting you, and roll the pudding up tight in it; tie the ends with string, put it in plenty of boiling water, and boil it for an hour and a half; when turned out of the cloth, cut it up in slices, dredge them over with cinnamon-sugar, dish up neatly in a pile, and serve with cold cinnamon and lemon-custard.

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