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To Preserve Angelica Green

Cut the tubes or stalks of angelica into six-inch lengths; wash them, and then put them into a copper preserving-pan with hot syrup, No. 842; cover the surface with vine-leaves, and set the whole to stand in the larder till the next day. The angelica must then be drained on a sieve, the vine-leaves thrown away, half a pint of water added to the syrup, in which, after it has been boiled, skimmed, and strained into another pan, and the copper-pan has been scoured clean, both the angelica and the boiling syrup are to be replaced and the surface covered with fresh vine-leaves, and again left to stand in this state until the next day: this process must be repeated three or four days running; at the end of which time the angelica will be sufficiently green and done through, and. should be put in jars without breaking the tubes. After the syrup has been boiled and skimmed, fill up the jars; and when they are become cold, cover them over with bladder and paper, and let them be kept in a very cool temperature.

Note.—Green peaches and apricots, preserved before the stone has at all hardened, green grapes, greengages, cucumbers, &c, may be prepared for desserts, by proceeding according to the foregoing directions.

No. 880