To Glace Pine-Apples

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Peel and pick out the specks or eyes from the pine-apple; cut it up in slices about half an inch thick, and simmer these in syrup, of about 22 degrees (the strength of the syrnp is to be ascertained by using Adams' syrup gauge, see Adams' Illustrations) for about five minutes; allow the pine-apple to remain in the syrup until cold; it must then be drained upon a wire fruit-drainer (see Adams' Illustrations), and placed in the screen to dry for an hour. At the end of this time, each piece of pine-apple should be entirely dipped in some prepared sugar which has been boiled for the purpose to the third degree (and which must be slightly worked with a spoon at the side, in order to dull it), and placed upon a wire fruit-drainer, resting on a baking-sheet; at the end of about ten minutes, if the sugar has been properly boiled, the fruit may be detached without disturbing the sugar, by' pressing with the fingers from underneath.

Note.—This and the following fruits are used to dress dessert-dishes or dress-plates.

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