Dried Apricots

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Split and peel the apricots, and as you do so, throw them into some boiling syrup of 28 degrees' strength; set them over a slow fire for a few minutes, merely to warm them through, taking great care to avoid their coming to a boil. The apricots are then to be put carefully into a basin, and the syrup is to be boiled up three successive times, and poured back to the fruit; after this the apricots should be drained one by one, free from syrup, and placed in rows on wire-drainers resting on dishes, and put in the screen to dry; and as soon as they cease to stick to the fingers when touched, let them be put away in boxes, with a sheet of white paper between each layer.

Note.—If the apricots are intended to be glaces, proceed according to directions for pine-apple, &c.

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