Dried Pears Glaces

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There is a small pear called the poplar, which serves this purpose admirably. The pears should be turned (that is, smoothly peeled as though they had been turned in. their own shape with a lathe) and put out of hand in 22 degrees' syrup containing the juice of a lemon; and when the whole are turned, simmer them over a slow fire until nearly done, and then put them away in a covered basin; after boiling up the syrup and pouring it again to the pears, for two successive days, on the third day they may be drained, and placed on wire trays to dry in the screen.

A few drops of cochineal will serve to impart an agreeable pinkness to the fruit.

Pears of different kinds, and of larger size, may also be used for this purpose, in which case they must be divided in halves or quarters.

When the pears are intended to be glaces, dry them for half an hour only, and proceed as for pine-apple.

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